Habitat for Humanity Victoria's Annual Fundraising Dinner 2019

Home is the key.

The key to a safe, secure place to live that provides strength, stability and independence to families.

Join us this year for our Annual Fundraising Dinner as we raise the funds to build a home for Ashley and Leanda and their three children.

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With Special Guest Speaker – Tim Costello

Rev Tim Costello directs Ethical Voice and is one of Australia’s most respected community leaders and a sought after voice on social justice issues, leadership and ethics.

For 13 years until October 2016, Tim was Chief Executive of World Vision Australia (WVA). He then completed over 2 years as WVA’s Chief Advocate. Currently Tim remains as Executive Director of Micah Australia and Ethical Voice and continues to place the challenges of global poverty on the national agenda.

He is also Senior Fellow for the Centre for Public Christianity. He remains spokesperson for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, which campaigns for law reform to prevent harm from poker machine gambling.

Home is the key for Ashley and Leanda

“A fresh start in life is what our hearts are needing, longing and aching for” - Leanda

Ashley and Leanda are our 67th Partner family along with three gorgeous children – Star-Lee (14),

Ethan (13) and Lillian (9) – who all have ASD. As a family, they struggle with change, moving 13 times in the past 17 years due to rising rent in the private rental system which has compounded the challenges faced by the family.

Leanda is a full time carer and home-schooling mum. Ashley is currently unable to work due to a blood clot at the back of his brain. With an uncertain future, this family is desperate for stability and a safe place to call home. We are delighted to partner with Ashley and Leanda. With your support we can ensure they will have a stable and secure future and an affordable & appropriate place to call home.

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