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10 Years of Rosebud ReStore

It’s been 10 years since our ReStore in Rosebud opened. Staffed by a team of dedicated and driven volunteers,  we're taking time to celebrate this significant achievement and reflect on the store’s growth over these years.

Throughout its past decade the Rosebud ReStore has become vital to our cause, completely funding one of the homes handed over this year in Prospect Rise, Yea. Currently, nine Habitat homes have been completed along the Peninsula.

The Rosebud ReStore is one of the primary financial supporters of our upcoming affordable housing project in Crib Point - contributing $200,000 to the purchase of the land. Works on the first home on the 3300 sq. metre estate is scheduled to begin in April 2019.

The idea to establish a ReStore in Rosebud was presented at a general meeting of HFHV’s Mornington Chapter in 2008 by the late Mavis Peet. Not everyone was sold on the idea though, with six op shops already in the town there was scepticism, which only increased when Mavis found a rental property in the industrial estate! “How would we get customers?” remembers Cheryl King – a Mornington Chapter member and sceptic at the time.

“But knowing Mavis, once she had an idea she would run with it,” said Cheryl. “ Out of her own pocket she rented an old warehouse, bare inside, and it all began. I think it took about 6 months before we took enough sales to cover all the expenses and it has grown from there.”

The store has now become a household name.

About 5 years ago Mavis caught wind of that a warehouse across the road was up for rent and “being Mavis, we soon moved across the road, where we now have 3-4 times the space,” added Cheryl.

“She was a very independent lady, who was very determined to put families into Habitat housing.”

The Rosebud ReStore is run entirely by a team of passionate volunteers, about 50 of them “who are all totally committed to the shop and appreciate what has been achieved.” says Chris Wyatt, manager of the store. The store has developed quite a community down by the Peninsula – Chris noting that their “little kitchen area is usually full of homemade cakes, with a friendly face on offer as well. “

Rosebud ReStore is one of two HFHV second hand stores that accept and resell new and “gently used” items donated by businesses and the general public. The funds that ReStore generates support Habitat’s home building program.

Through shelter, we empower

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