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The feeling of having a HOME this Christmas...

On Friday 10th of November 2023, Habitat for Humanity Victoria hosted our Annual Fundraising Dinner with many of our community of supporters. We were pleased to see donors, supporters, corporate partners, as well as past and current staff and board members in attendance. It was a successful evening of celebrating stories Past, Present, and Potential to demonstrate the impact our Home Building Program has for our Partner families.

The highlight of the night for many was hearing from our 71st Partner family - Simone and her son Hayden. Simone is the final Partner family to move into our Prospect Rise, Yea affordable housing project. The imminent completion and handover of her house marks the completion of our biggest affordable housing project, which has become home to 21 Partner families with 42 children, some of whom have come to experience a decade of stability and security!

For Simone, a home is a place for family. When asked what she’s most looking forward to in her new home, she immediately started describing the perfect Christmas meal surrounded by her family. “I’ll have to do all the dishes,” she quipped. But for her, that was a privilege which comes with having her own place to call home. “Just to have somewhere I can actually feel grateful with my family this Christmas… that’s something I didn’t think could happen,” Simone said.

As a Partner family with Habitat for Humanity Victoria, Simone participates and contributes towards the building of her own home. She took the opportunity on the night to point out the different individuals in the room who helped in the build journey of her new home. Her hard work was clear to her son Hayden who accompanied her to the event. “The amount of endurance my mom has had to go through over the years has been incredible. She’s worked really hard for this,” Hayden shares. “I’m proud of you mum.”

We were also pleased to present a Habitat for Humanity Australia Lifetime Achievement Award to Ross Kemp and Tony Bryer for their significant service and contribution to our vision.

We thank everyone who attended and participated in the fundraising activities of the night, as well as those who contributed outside of the event. All contributions will go towards building Unit 3 at our Crib Point project which will be home to our 73rd Partner family: Sarah and her young girls. In gratitude, we’d like to echo a sentiment Simone shared on the night, which we could not have phrased any better:

“As you go home tonight, I hope you sleep well knowing you have given another family the best sleep they can have.”

Together, we build brighter futures, stronger foundations, healthier children, and more resilient families. Find out below how you can be support this cause today.

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